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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Final Post from Ms. Pandora

Pandora is almost the last one to leave from F12 batch of LIBA and she feels every bit sad that she has to leave just like every one of the others. This place holds memories that are more than enough for a life time. For everyone who went through this place. Not just me.
The last sem was filled with attempts to create memories and hang out as much as possible which culminated in people never sleeping for days together just so that we have more time to hang out. Cameras and Photos were common words in the campus. And the "I will miss you, keep in touch" a common phrase.

The emotions from the senies had trickled down to the junies and emo junies were also creating memories before breaking off for the summer internships. The biggest solace seems to be Facebook. Everyone is there in it, leaving some 3-4 of the batch.

Places and things that will be missed :
1. Coffee Anna
2. The wall outside the canteen where we had long chats with our gangs
3. The Owl Tree
4. Nescafe
5. OAT
6. The long walks through the lanes of the campus
7. The awesomest church ever..
8. Fighting with the security
9. THE Nun
10. The night of 31st March [Boys' Hostel Night, Unofficial :P ]
11. The guest lectures in the Audi
12. The gang meetings in the Car park
13. Library [Mostly for the ACs But sometimes for the books.]
14. classrooms
15. Hostels
16. Events - Insight, Chrysalis, Beacon, Mindful Leadership, Onam, Pongal, Holi,

Note : Rediscoved and publishing this, 5 years after it was drafted. Unfortunately, some of these I have forgotten the context to. Surprised at how fast time has gone by.
People have drifted apart, grown better and newer relationships. Some have stayed true to their promises of keeping in touch, cherishing memories. So many changes have happened and all the above memories seem like eons ago.
The need for a grand reunion is pretty evident if you ask me.

Signing off,
Till we all meet again,
Pandora (Durga Nandan aka Jyotsna Edakalathur)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

LIBA is not just an MBA College- Its a production house of Energy, Talent and Crazy load of fun! :D

Yesss I knoww I have been a lazy bumm and I should write more often.. but for now, read on ;) :P

I actually cant think of a way to start this post you know.. So i thought i would just start it by saying the truth! :P
And yea this post is going to be long since its been a while that i posted and A LOT has been going around here in LIBA! And yea this post has- 'NO GOSSIPS' just in case you are expecting that!! :P

Hmmm.. God when i come to think of it, there have been just so many events taking place here .. wait let me recall and do comment if i miss out any ( for those who are not from/in LIBA but still follow the blog, well you guys are just gonna be really jealous for the next 5 minutes coz we people had some crazy fun time in the past one month ;) ).
So yea, lets go in the order the events happened.. First the seniors introduced "CLUBBIN" to the fellow juniors! Yes, clubbing, why you guys think that we are so busy that we cant partyeh with our juniess.. huh huh.! :P Well actually to be frank, we kinda are :/ so we just introduced them to the new clubs that are there inside LIBA which can keep them occupied :D 
Apart from the regular clubs/cells which have been in existence for some time now like the Placement committee, The student affairs club- 360 Degrees, Alumini Committee, HR Club, Finance Club, Mark It, a few new clubs have come into picture and made a mark- to begin with we have the Entrepreneurial cell - called IGNITE. Its a great initiative and a lot of hard work and effort is being put into getting things into place and running. We also have a brand new Systems Club called "BINARY' and Environment Club! Seems like too much enthusiasm and spirit that cant be contained inside classrooms, so we just end up  opening new clubs so that we can channelize every source of talent that LIBA has got! ;D

Photo: BreakFree 2011

Ignite Event organized in collaboration with 360 Degrees
 Systems Club!

Ohh that reminds me, my take on the juniors- and I am sure that most of my batch would agree with me that our juniors are really a talented batch! Its like an O-M-G Batch! ( Waah! I just gave the F12 batch a name! ;D Voila! haha) And I am not even exaggerating! Okay tell me how many of you guys have juniors who gave you a mob dance in their own freshers?! I mean we were Awww Struck! These bunch of smart pants chupke chupke organized this whole routine of mob dance while we were busy attending classes and organizing for their freshers and no one came to know a shit about it! WOW! And on the D-Day, when Nagesh ( our very famous MC) got done announcing with all the dance and songs ( ohh that reminds me.. the juniors know how to dance- the girls should get a special mention out here, Wattaaa coordination machii..! Superaaa! - F11 U better watch out for LIBERATED, coz you have some serious competition coming your way!), then all of a sudden the juniors came on stage and said that they wanna sing a group song- and how they sang- Brilliant! And then all of sudden-  from no where-  while we cheered downstage-  there was a MOB! Yea just like that.. exactly how it happens in movies and YouTube!!
What spirit and what enthusiasm! I have no words for you guys..! We all had a fabulous night. And to say the least, it wasn't a freshers night that day, it was a LIBA Open Air Party!! and the DJ in the House where none other than the Juniors ;)

Ahhh.. now let me tell you about something really specific to LIBA. The next two events are really exciting and pretty new to LIBA. First would be the 'Buddy Program'. Here every junior gets to chose a senior to be their buddy ( by simply going and asking a senior they like or want to mentor them and feel can be around to help them out in any way they want). So ill tell you what generally happens and what happens in special occasions. Well generally, though you don't know your seniors that well, you end up being good or decent friends with your budd ( Unless you realize that you aren't really meant to be around each other that much :P you know what i mean.. ) And on special occasion, you actually end up going out with your buddy ;) ( we have had a lot of them who were rumored to have been going out with their buddies- this would put me at the top of that list! :/  and some who actually did go out and are still happily dating - God Bless you lovebirds :D <3)

Not that i am giving you fellas any ideas, but this is how its been so far, but since F12 have done things differently so far, who knows what they turn this buddy program into! :) - ( My personal advice to you guys, and also as TAS said - " Be single in these two years! MBA is just not the place to date, but then its my personal opinion ;) )

And now comes one of the most controversial yet awaited events of LIBA- The LIBA PREMIERE LEAGUE aka LPL
Well if you weren't here to witness the controversies of LPL, don't bother asking anyone what they where.. coz trust me you wouldn't understand shit :P 

But to actually tell you what LPL is all about - well its just a LIBA version of IPL, with a twist that its not all about cricket but consists of a number of management and sport events. The format however remains almost similar to that of IPL, where teams on the names of different Indian cities are auctioned out for REAL MONEY and to everyone's surprise all the teams ( 8 in all - Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin, Goa, Madurai and Kolkata) were auctioned for almost 1 lac ruppees!! The highest bid went for a some 18,000/- for Team Kolkatta. 

LPL gets featured in the newspaper! :D


Photo: Team Owner : Alexander Mammen
Co Owners : Arockia Navin.K Zacharia Ittymani Ashwin Jk

Fan Page :
Photo: Bangalore Team Owners dressed in Mundu (auction time)

Photo: Team Owner : Vince Amalan
Co Owners : Ricky Robinson,Ashish Philip,Karthick Rajan

Photo: Team Owner :  Samuel Nirmal
Co Owners : 
Midhun S Madhu
Jona Thomas John
Kevin Thomas

Fan Page :

Some of the games played ;)

United we stand...

Zach - The Brick Man!!

Photo: Cochin Leads!!

Now as the games proceed, and as points are being fetched, things are getting heated up. Though everyone is busy with their projects, test and case studies, somehow we all manage to get some time for LPL. And to think of it, that's what its all bout, isn't it- Bringing  us together? :)

And finally something from my life- to give this blog a personal touch :P
Ahh well we have these student exchange programs right? So the four of us- Abhishek Ganguly, Father aka Justin Joseph, Anisha Sequira and meee have been selected to go to Washington DC this fall. :)
We will be there for 3.5 months interning with an organization and also working on the MDG Goals set by United Nations. So though we would be missing out on some very important courses and events, but I believe that this is an experience which would definitely add value to our perspective if nothing else. Global Mantra as i call it ;)
Juniors in case you are interested in such programs, keep your eyes and ears open, coz you never know when opportunity knocks your door!

So that brings me to my last update of the night. Since i would be posted in DC for the next 4 months, starting August end, who would be reporting about LIBA? Well I thought that since no one has ever really recorded a student exchange experience in Pandora's, I will keep writing from DC, but if you feel that you can add more "masala" to this blog, then do mail me your updates and i will incorporate them in this blog :)

Chalo, need to go and read EBUS cases :/ ( haha.. actually ill just go back to Fb'in :P )
Until next time- Keep Chuggin ;)

Ps- Thanks to Neha Ashok, for some of these fab pictures ;)

PS 2- I am so sorry for the weird highlights in the middle, this dumb ass blog is acting all crazy 12 in the night.. i'll edit it later on... just tried to make it readable for now!

- IrutsaK

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Welcome F12! A sneak peek for what is to come! ;)

Only a weekend left for the juniors to start their 2 yrs of "Mind-blowing experience" and yes MBA too.. so i thought i could give them a trip down the memory lane of how it was for us, just almost exactly an year back.

It felt like only yesterday, when I had landed in the Chennai airport and when me, mom and dad took the taxi to LIBA, I was still sleeping on my moms shoulder having a one eye view of the greenry around me ( I think I saw small hills too, don’t remember for sure, or maybe I was dreaming).

It was around 11am that we had landed and I wasn’t used to being awake on this hour of the day, so it was still early morning for me. Ohh and it was raining, so please don't forget to carry umbrellas with you fellas!

When we reached the Loyola campus, I remember that we had entered through the front gate and saw the magnificent church in front of us. She looked like a queen, standing in front of us. It was spectacular sight!

Then we exited and took the taxi to the back gate ( that’s where you need to go to access LIBA- tell the taxi driver to take you to Mahalingpuram – Loyola college backside, near Brownstone apartments). As we entered the Loyola campus and drove towards the girls hostel, I could see a few other parents and fellow batch mates standing here and there, looking as confused as we were about to be! We were after all the first inhabitants of the girls hostel.

So after a lot of scuffle and shuffle and with the help of Sudhakar sir (god knows what would LIBA do without him!) and a few other super seniors we finally managed to get settled. Me and my parents went shopping to T-Nagar for the essentials like bedding ( mattress, pillow etc), book racks, chittar puttar to eat and whatever our little hearts desired. After all, I for the first time felt that my parents were going to abandom me into an unknown land, where no one spoke any of the languages I knew (except English, but you get the point right? :P )
After a good meal with my roommate, her family and mine, we finally started to unpack and get to know the other “inmates”. I still remember how Ramya had given me a toothbrush coz I had forgotten to get one :P ( Thanks Ramya! :D )

(This would be my room! :) )

So as the night passed by chit chatting and learning the first few tamil words ( my first tamil word was terunayii! And something else that I cant mention here, but trust me I used those two words like bread and butter.. only to be later told by some sweet friends of mine, not to use them- they are BAD WORDS! And I was ohkk… wasn’t that the point of using them?) anyways, confused by the ways of living here and language ofcourse, I somehow managed to get a hold of it ;)

So then comes the first big day of my MBA life! Wohooo..! weren’t we excited! Actually to be frank, after an year now, I don’t exactly remember what happened on the first day but I do remember what happened in the first few weeks! It kinda was the best first few weeks I could have, in a way.

Sight on a regular LIBA day! 

Well the first thing that I got upset about was that all my new friends that I had made were in section A and I was the only one in section B. To add some spice to my childish behaviour, my entire class sat-  boys on one side and girls on the other. – I was like OMG!! (Janice style- youtube Janice –FRIENDS-OMG, for demo). Come on, after having studied in the ohh so (in?)famous DPS R.K. Puram and 4 years in Mumbai, its normal for you to react in an OMG’ish manner on such a demarcation of gender. But as they say, don’t judge a book by its cover, now when I think of that day, I believe I couldn’t be more silly to have thought that my class was shy! Its one of the most hilarious, fun loving and helpful bunch of people I have ever met and I am sure I can without a doubt, extent the same feeling for my section A friends!

Trust me, if there would be one advice that I had to give you, it would be “ just because they don’t speak as much as you do, or vise versa, trust me, every one in your class or batch is a genius in his or her own way- Hats off to the LIBA selection process ( so to give credit), which not only takes academic and professional achievements into perspective, but also how one is as a person!

Yea coming back to the week, well I and most of us spent it discovering the ways and norms of life inside LIBA and more than that life OUTSIDE LIBA ;) (If you know what I mean.. hehehe)

Beaches, restaurants, pubs, crazy car rides, movies.. name it and we had almost done it in the first month itself. Thanks to some great company (Herbie gets special mention here.. after all, if it hadn’t been him, I don’t think I would have even thought of liking Chennai. He gave us a perfect start! Thanks buddy! :) )

And studies, well I will leave that to you to discover and figure out ;) But one tip for non commerce people- PLEASE PAY ATTENTION IN BFA CLASS!! Trust me, this is not the class you would want to be sleeping ! Rest I leave it upto you! You look like a smart bunch ;)

Chalo, I need to get back to completing my internship report

All the best to F12! Hope you have a great start.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Again from the CenterStage (Junie Blogger)

PAID HOLIDAY OF MBA- 'INTERNSHIP' - Excuse me!- I beg to differ.

We are extremely important to the organization. Read why!!

Have you ever had those moments where you are doing something and pop! There is a thought in your head, completely unrelated to the work you are doing or at least useless..?
Well that happens a lot with me, especially when I am in class and the prof is teaching, pop goes the thought in my head and I am like, why don’t the professors have a fashion session, you know, everyone should know what would make them look good. I mean what is the point of wearing your pants up till the chest, or rather looking like ‘Supandi’?( character from Tinkle comics).

Something like that happened to me today while I was just trying to wreck my head into the excel sheet that I had been working on for a week now, trying to crack some figures that I could present to the management. I thought, where did the word – Internship come from? :P 
Yeah yeah.. I know. Very silly question.. but I kinda have a lot of these silly questions! ( ask my classmates, who have a facepalm reaction when I raise my hand in class :) )
So yea coming back to the internship bit, I think it’s called “Internship” coz it’s  about entering into a big (maybe) organization which can be related to “ Battleship Galactica!” organizational structure. :P

Inline image 1

OK yeah.. That was utter crap, but on a serious note, now that most of my batch mates are interning in various organizations across the country, I would like to question how important is it to have an internship? I mean being a member of the placement committee, I know one fact for sure that every member of the committee works his/her asses off to get everyone placed. But then is these two months in the organization really worth the students time and energy or can we make do without it? 

From what I get to see of the Fb statuses and just talking to people in general, its like many of them enter the company with such high expectations – “ I am specializing in HR, and the project given to me would help me apply my HR skills, I am specializing in marketing and I will get to experience marketing, sales, branding, falana dimkana and end up being the best intern there ever was.. blaah blaah blaah” 

But in reality do these expectations really get fulfilled? – Maybe Yes , Maybe No. 
But incase it’s a NO, then why so? 
Is it because of the fact that, we the students of LIBA are not well educated ( in terms of MBA knowledge) or is it because the companies take us for granted – that once we come in, we will be used to do not so menial but not so mba’ish jobs and then serve the company with all our hard work and perseverance, just to prove at the end of the day – that YESSS! I can follow orders! Wohooo! :D :/

Look, first things first- there is no doubt that we are taught well. So cross that option of not being educated enough, out. So am I saying that the companies that come to campus ( and mind it when I say campus, I mean most of the MBA campuses, not just LIBA) are hiring us to do clerical jobs?
No not really. Maybe a few. 

I believe that companies who come into the campus do look for MBA’s as interns, but for them MBA intern mean a totally different thing. They want someone to collect data (majorly), data that would cost them money, if outsourced. So they pay 50% or less of the actual cost of outsourcing as the stipend, get the job done ( Yeah they know they job will be done, coz there is the guarantee of the college brand name->good brands= good hardworking students), or coz they want someone to agree with them that what their analysis of a certain decision has been, is correct. You know, we would act like human calculators, collecting, analysing data and then coming up with conclusions that would either starkly be in agreement with them, or the other way round ( and in case u are in the middle- then it’s a sure shot indication of the fact that a) you not getting a PPO- if they provide any b) you don’t know what the ****  about what is going on )

And in case you thought that we were the first one doing what we are doing, and that ohh we are so important to the company then-  no you are wrong for the first part, and right for the second. 
More or less every project given to us, has already been carried out or is being carried out. So we are there to help them, but we definitely are not the first ones to start a brand new trend or invention.

So though I am not specializing in HR, given the opportunity, will I change how things work?
The answer would be – NO.
Why would I, when I am getting the job done in half the price with a person who guarantees me over 100% perseverance compared to the outsourced men?
 I would be nothing but silly to not hire interns- MBA interns.
Then I believe we as students should lower our expectations of an internship. Should we??

With that thought running in my head, and the excel sheet waiting for me to get back to flirt with it,
I shall say tududulzz! 

Yours curiously,
(The 'Anon' Junie Blogger :P )

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

From the Centerstage!

When I was first asked to take up this blog, my reaction to Jo was – “ Me!! Are you out of your mind?! I hate this place.. And you want me to write about it on LIBA’s official Blog!?” to which Jo replied – “ Yes, 'cause I think you are the one person who is here, fighting it through, manage to get featured in ALL my blogs and still haven’t dropped out!I am sure when you write about it, it will have a heart in it.” ;)

 Haha.. well who knew that I would actually agree to take this up! Lets hope that I get to give LIBA a new light, something that’s not been done before. Ohh and yea.. sorry for my clumsy first post, I wrote that in 15 mins. I was studying for RSM and yea… u know how that went! :/

So yea why LIBA? Why would someone come all the way from where I live to a) Chennai and b) Chennai?? (Trust me, even the DM of the company I am interning in currently, asked me this with the most astonished look on his face, let aside all my friends, family and foe).

 To be frank the answer that I tell everyone is – “ Coz its Loyola! It one of the most prestigious universities of the South and yes India too. * The guy on the other side has an expression which says – yea right, but its not an IIM – Haah!” And my next sentence goes like this – Yea I know its not an IIM, but its nothing less than that. Its got superb faculty, a lot of exposure, loads of activities, great cultural mix and yes a more than decent placement scenario.” That kinda shuts the man up from asking further questions or rather reasons why my decision of choosing LIBA was not that fancy. At least for the moment. So now, the ones who are in LIBA must be thinking or actually gesturing as “ Hahahahaha.. Sure!” and the ones who are about the join LIBA or thinking of joining LIBA must be thinking- “ Really? Like IIM? Dude common, this is all fancy shit, all crap and no truth!” So yea now let me tell you MY answer that I say in my head, almost at the same time, as my mouth opens to give the above answer- “ I don’t know!” . Yes “ I don’t know” is the answer to the question why I joined LIBA. Trust me, I am about to complete a yea since I joined this college, in just another month and I still don’t know the answer to that. Afterall, I left my job in one of the top MNC’s of the world, amazing work culture, superb pay, friends, family, the kababs, Aiyaashi, everything. I gave it all up to come study here. After a year, I question myself, most nights or days when I am day dreaming ofcourse- “ Was it really worth it? Coming here?!” and pop goes the answer in my head to myself- YES. ABSOLUTELY”. And the voice inside my head goes- “ then why do you keep cribbing soooo much, almost all the time about being here!?” and then I smile and look around. Trust me, that’s like a involuntary action to that self generated question, lol. I smile coz I think and trust me I believe what I say next- that what I have learnt since I have come here, I don’t think I would have been able to learn anywhere else in the world!

 I personally believe that MBA is not about what we learn inside the class, but what we learn outside it. And since I am either sleeping or ……. most of the times, during class, I kinda have no other option but to learn outside class :P ( just kidding) The people who come here whether full timers or part timers ( Btw – let me tell you, part timers are hawwtt..! and bloody rich! Just incase .. ;) ) have so much too share. Just sitting with them over a cup of coffee, in our very own self proclaimed five star canteen – LOHO or just chit chatting in the OAT. The gups ( hindi for time pass conversations) are over the top educative. You get to know everything from who is dating who, to where all you can go and chill in Chennai ( yes, please don’t make this HUGE mistake of thinking there are no places to chill here- trust me, it would give the next door metro a decent competition, IF you know where to go, when to go and most importantly, with whom to go! ). You get to know all sorts of information, theatre, music, arts, name it and people are talking about it. All you need to do is make sure, you are not one of those uptight ****** people who think that “hum toh hum hain, baaki sab paani kam hain!” ( for translation- please ask a hindi speaking person next to you, or google! :P )

 Come here with an open mind, and you have the world to learn and experience. LIBA maynot be an IIM A,B,C…. X, Y,Z ( I am sure they are gonna open those in no time), but yes this place has taught me how to be friends with people who don’t speak your language, make mistakes that no one will ever let you make otherwise and learn lifetime lesson from it, sit and pray in the most beautiful church that I have ever seen in my life, and yes theories and way of education that more me is one of a kind. ( and yes, when I say it, I MEAN IT.)

 So yea, all those who are already a part of LIBA and those who are to be, I am sure one way or the other, we all are proud to have decided to choose LIBA over the various other colleges that we got through, or not :P but still, the fact of the matter is, I don’t think there would be anyone who regrets coming here ( I mean common, if a total LIBA cribber can fall in love with it, I am sure anyone on earth could! ;) lol )

So good luck to all of the new joinees, and to my batch mates. Hope your internship is going good if not great! J Chalo, I need to get back to playing with my little nephew.. I will post sooner this time! ;)

 Ps – those wondering about the placement – its good enough to make you whoop with joy, once you get the offer letter in your hand! :)

“I am sure you must have guessed it this time! ;)”

Saturday, March 31, 2012

From CenterStage!

After a lot of succession planning, I got my first choice to agree to write here. The gossippy Pandora will be replaced by a more happening CenterStage now.. The Junie has decided to keep secrecy for now. Give us your feedback and we will definitely get better with days to go.
The junie just started. So give it time and encouragement...

Its almost time for the seniors to leave.. and also for Ms. Pandora to move head to achieve her dream.. So now who would be reporting to you the “latests” for LIBA!?? :O
Aaah.. since everyone was anyways busy with exams.. I thought I would be the helping hand here.. And let those who have been out of the loop for this term know whats been cookin.. all this while! ;)
So to begin with … hmm lets see.. LIBA term 3 for 1st years and the last term for the seniors, both the batches witnessed a lot of social drama, that’s the least I could say. The first years had an awesome batch trip to Banglore- Mysore and Coorg, what was more interesting to observe was the love that was blooming throughout this trip! We have some new and official couples and I guess this trip must have sealed a lot of hearts and feelings together, which were initially in doubt whether to give studies priority or love! Haha! Love finally got its well-deserved space! ;)
Now as far as the trip was concerned I hear it was fab! No actually to speak the truth, I witnessed it :D it was the best trip I have witnessed in my student life. There were songs, stories bonding from all over the regions. There were no tests to be worried about, no assignment submissions etc etc.. all there was was a lot of late night games, early morning “getting ready” and visiting a lot of beautiful places. It was truly a well bonded trip.
And then there was also the amazing adventure trip for the first years, to Pegasus, near Pondicherry! Now this was one trip where “TRUST” was instilled. I mean, that’s the least I can say! F11 bonded and learnt the true essence of team spirit. They were there for 3 days and were made to do physical activity tasks and strategic games, which challenged them to be their best while believing in each other. True OBL it was!
Now when juniors where having all the fun! Seniors where LIVING their last term. We could see a lot of groups de-grouping and Re-grouping and letting go of the grudges happening! It was afterall coming to an end, so whats the point of those frowny faces. They chose to smile and ohh yes they did! Most of the seniors as we could see, had planned their holiday trips to exotic locations ( read Kerela, Coorg etc) and as the fb pictures showed, they too had the time of their lives!
Ohhh there was Chrysalis on the way tooo..! how can we forget that! Though we didn’t have much seniors to help us through ( yes we were upset about it :/ but nevamind!.. its ok! Go have fun u guys, is what we thought! Its ur last term anyways) we did have a spotted few who stayed back to help the juniors! They could mostly be seen at the registration desk, making it look pretty and signing away certificates! So yes, in a way, full credit goes to the junior 360 degrees team of LIBA and the rest of the batch who coordinated some of the best games that business schools witnessed so far! ( as quoted by a participant from another B-school!). There were terrific performances from the participants as well as from the event coordinators side. Kudos to all of you guys!
And then there was POWERSTAR – did he make the days brighter or was it just his charm that reflectef through the whole OAT! He afterall renamed our college to “LAYOLA Insitute of ….” Now that requires some serious charming, people! No kids’ task it is! Haha.. and we also saw the very famous Kotler and troop dance with the Powerstar himself! To say it was extremely sporting of him and the others to go up on the stage and perform with him- just for LIBA! Hats off to you all! :D
And then as we all had our share of mastiii and rigorous class schedules from 8am to 8pm, and soon... it was time to bid the seniors farewell!
And what a farewell it was! Nicely organized ( though there were some social glitches in the middle) but two people – the Egghead and the Markit chick together organized a well-orchestrated and much applauded farewell. The theme – “ENIGMA” truly did bring about some enigma, when some drunken dory couples where seen. enjoying in front of the Library! ( Whhhatttt.. !??? It’s not what ‘I’ am saying.. its what EVERYONE saw! Don’t blame me please! :/) well all’s fair in love and farwell.. and it was the last time for them to “bond” afterall, so.. ;)
We also witnessed a pretty controversial awards ceremony, which left a few confused, a few super happy and a few pretty upset! Come on now how would you react if one gives you an award for cross-dressing! Hmmmm… well with that thought lurking on our minds and a sunken feeling that actually it’s time for the seniors to leave.. ( today being the last day for most) , we the first years hope that you had an awesome time here, coz we surely did with you! And you have been the best seniors that we could get! Seriously you all would be truly truly missed (aaahh someone pass me the tissue-box please!), coz we just didn’t make contacts, we made best friends for life here!
Love you all and would miss you F10!
Ps- F11 its time for us to take the Centre stage!! ;) Are you guys ready for the challenge! ;) [ ahhh yes the juniors too! :P ]

Signing off…
Yours fantastically…
“Keep Guessing!” ;)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Guest Post by B11! (Finally! :) )

All characters in this blog are fictitious. Any resemblance to any person dead or alive is purely coincidental. Anyone feeling hurt or mentally disturbed after reading this, please go visit Amma hospital in Choolaimedu  :P

Life in LIBA is coming to a close and we’ll all be parting pretty soon. Each one going our own ways, profession, cities, etc. etc. Well here’s a small bit for you all to remember when we’re all long gone.
Hmmm now where do we start from? Alphabetical order seems good, or should we follow a degree of controversy ranking? Nah .. Let’s just talk about a normal day at LIBA.

First things we notice on entering the canteen are two people sitting and eating thayirr saadam (curd rice) n bhindi (vendakka) usually. Thickest of friends is what we think they are. One argues with no reason or point and the other is a silent killer. As outgoing as they seem, they do make life fun for a lot of people here in LIBA.

After passing them, we go straight to get breakfast coupons. OMG..!! what do we see here? Ans: A loud thunderous voice saying… “Annaaa Poooori” (comes first and is passed on to a girl with a halo on her head) and then “Annaa Dosaaa” (comes after 15 mins). By the time dosa reaches the table, the poori is over.. We wonder how?

Next escaping from this entire crowd, for a breath of fresh air, where does one go? Ans: Near the window. And what do you see – transporters Mr. Bean with his empty car and Salman Khan’s action packed car. The reason we think for this differential is that after the crash test, the old car doesn’t seem to pump as much as it used to anymore ;) or is it because Sallu bahi is working out only his biceps at 99F. Is this why Sallu Bhai misses his TT practice these days.?

Moving away from this scene, just outside the canteen we see the “AR Rahman in the making” boy on his bike competing for the same transporting business. And just beside this, thin Vijay Mallya, with his Canon DSLR searches for new Kingfisher models. We do know that Mr. Mallya personally interviews all his models, and we wonder if our own Mallya does the same too? He also has another side to himself- philanthropic activities with half the diameter. Now is this what we call split personality disorder? Wait whoa… The boy who bought Dosa and poori is walking away carrying a bag now and following him is the soft spoken “holy” girl. After two years we finally found out that they are just good friends.

Further moving into the OAT we spot many interesting permutations and combinations. Our Azhagiya Tamizh Magan having a conversation; irenically oops sorry for the typo- ironically* :P. Guess they are planning his upcoming wedding with the girl who visited him during LIBArated. On the other side, there’s an awesome threesome. :O Guess if he has lost his cruise control after their entrepreneurial venture with pollution masks. Talking about entrepreneurship “He came, he saw, he left the college”. The team and investors seem to be tracking him down. Kya picture abhi bhi baaki hai?

After this we go into the library to the stack room to finish up some work for an assignment. We stumble upon the Alto’s brand ambassodor making plans to promote his tagline “Let’s go in an alto”. We wonder what is the purpose of the stack room.? Is it for learning or some bonding happening with books or over books? Talking about assignments, the “imommy” seems to have an upper hand with all her presentations. Is it because of all her i-products or her honorary membership with

Tired, we go to the common room to get some water. OOH., we see a Crishnan with his new Samsung galaxy S2 phone. Wonder where he bought it from?? Or was it a gift? This gentleman has also converted the common room into a dining hall under the pretext of studyin with an 8 point someone :D. His friend, “Milky bar” has been dealing in a lot of “activities” recently, which has resulted in the misuse of the Economic Times. The proof of which was found out in the room of the “boy who plays shuttle with his phone”.

Then we hear a sudden laugh outside in the bike park. Sin(v)/Cos(v) screaming at the top of her voice assembling her “gym-team”.  One DANGErous gentleman wondered “whether its bout fitness or matrimonial sites providing them feedbacks and suggestions”. Whatever it is, it is quite a sight to see the results emerging. ;)

After a long day we come back to the hostel. Sports fever is back but looks a lot dull this time because of an additional badminton court at the girl’s hostel. We still see coaching sessions happening. Last semester means trips also. We recently heard about a trip to yearcaud by the “tu mera hero boys”. This song seems to have become a hot favourite now in the hostel playing alound especially during their drinking sessions.
Coaching Sessions
Valentine’s Day just went by. We smelt a lot of love in LIBA air. The B11 boys made trips to Bangalore, Khadar Nawaz Khan road, Azuri bay, EA and one of them ended up going to church also. Guess who went where. We also got intelligence reports about double date activities at the Hilton hotel. The self proclaimed “Single girls” went on a consolation dinner too. Are they really single? because we see them often mingling with a lotta people :) .
To conclude on a serious note. Its raining marriages and engagements at LIBA. We wish all our forward looking boys/girls good luck. May God’s choicest blessings be with all the couples.
Here is a parting message from the B11 boys. “We will miss you all. Let your light shine, and make our college and nation proud. Those who feel like crying please get a tissue paper, and those who don’t please go cut an onion”

wanted- if found please inform Merry Boy :) 
 New found party animal :)
 Gym girl’s diet :D